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Möbelwerke A. Decker

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Borgholz. Am Bahnhof 3
34434 Borgentreich


+49 5645 789-0


+49 5645 789-105



Product range

Solid wood furniture
living room
dining room

DECKER - Individual Furniture made of solid wood – made in Germany

Möbelwerke A.Decker GmbH is a family- owned company and takes pride in specialising in the manufacturing of individually-designed furniture of pure solid wood.

Quality and supreme craftsmanship have been the hallmarks of the furniture-making ever since the founding of the company in 1915.

Superb materials, specially-trained staff committed to their work and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology are the prerequisites which the quality standards demand.

The results are individually created pieces of furniture, made with a good deal of tender loving care and attention to detail. Thanks to their own special processes, they can assure first-class quality at all times and a high degree of flexibility to meet all needs.

DECKER manufactures high quality furniture for different target groups and segments. Everything is made of solid wood - designed in timeless styles. The product range includes furniture for living, lounge and dining areas as well as kitchen.

With DECKER you can furnish the entire home with valuable, natural and environmentally friendly furniture

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